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You’d like your Loved One to enjoy the best possible quality of life. Which is exactly what “Qualitas Vitae” means. And it doesn’t stop there. To truly achieve quality of life requires a harmonious relationship between your Loved One, your family, and the professional carers (*).

Qualitas Vitae Care, UK homecare

Do you have questions or concerns about live-in care in general? We understand that it's a major decision that warrants careful consideration.

Take advantage of a free half-hour call with our CEO, so that you can take this step with confidence.

Qualitas Vitae Care, UK homecare, live-in care agency

What you can expect from Qualitas Vitae Care


From the moment you contact Qualitas Vitae Care, you can expect a sensitive, professional approach with attention to every detail. Above all, you can expect dignity and respect, and as high a quality of life as circumstances permit.

Full details of your care process, from sign-up to care provision, can be found here.

Our care service is structured into three levels, and tailored to suit your very individual needs:

The fundamental level is Companionship, supporting and accompanying you in your daily life, and filling in all those little gaps that may be preventing you from enjoying life more fully.

The next level, Personal Care, adds more delicate support such as help with washing, dressing and using the bathroom. At this level we also cater for a range of mild disabilities, including early-stage dementia.

Clients requiring more complex support will find it at the Personal Care PLUS  level, which covers more severe or advanced conditions.

Qualitas Vitae Care, care level pyramid

For further details, please see the Services page.

Take that first step...

Whether your care need is for an older person, or someone with disabilities, dementia, spinal injury, sensory loss or another condition that calls for live-in care support, take the first step to ensuring their quality of life - get in touch with Qualitas Vitae Care  today.

(*) Qualitas Vitae Care's  live-in carers are hand-picked, self-employed professionals. In order to be listed with our agency, they have to demonstrate extensive training and experience to the highest standards, and a commitment to continuous further development. In addition, they are obliged to carry appropriate professional insurance cover.