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Are you an experienced self-employed live-in carer? Looking for a new opportunity, without feeling that you're being exploited as "cannon fodder", as in so many other UK care jobs?

When you work with Qualitas Vitae Care, you will make a real difference to the quality of life of clients. At the same time, you will be able to maintain a decent quality of life for yourself. Here at QV, we go to great lengths to ensure that carers receive the professional respect and working conditions that you deserve. After all, a happy carer is an effective carer, right?

You will come with a background of solid training and experience, able to deliver the quality of care that we and our clients expect. In addition, we will provide ample opportunities for you to keep growing your knowledge through ongoing formal and informal training.

With Qualitas Vitae Care, you will be more than a number. You will be a highly valued team member, even participating in our industry-first profit-sharing scheme! We believe that those who contribute to the performance of a business, should also benefit from its performance. Makes sense, right?

In short, here's what you can expect at Qualitas Vitae Care :

  • A circle of professionals who, like you, count among the best in the care industry.
  • Continuous development of your skills as a professional carer.
  • At QV, everyone is treated with professionalism. We expect it from you, and you receive it from us.
  • Participation in our unique profit-sharing scheme.
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What's more, you get priority access to MyBedPost, the UK's accommodation network for carers from abroad. Think of it as the "Carers' Airbnb", with super-affordable rates and great hosts. It's operated by us, so naturally you're first in line.

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