Homecare services focused on Quality of Life

If you could benefit from live-in support, Qualitas Vitae Care  will ensure that your quality of life is as high as it can be. Whether your need is temporary, as in the case of rehabilitation, or long term, our widely experienced carers have seen it all and will work sensitively with you.

Qualitas Vitae Care  provides care to older people, clients with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities or undergoing rehabilitation, people with dementia or sensory loss, those affected by strokes or spinal injuries, as well as patients at the end of life.

Our live-in homecare services come in three levels:

  1. Companionship,
  2. Personal Care,
  3. Personal Care PLUS, which includes support for more complex care conditions, including for example advanced dementia and incontinence management.


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Often all one needs for sustaining one's zest in life is the company of a caring person, someone to share one's daily life with, someone who will support and facilitate one's daily activities.

Our Companionship service is tailored to provide exactly that, filling in the gaps that may be preventing someone from enjoying life more fully. Companionship typically includes

  • Being available for support for 15 hours every day (except for a daily afternoon break);
  • Accompanying you on all trips out of the home, e.g. for shopping, socialising or medical appointments;
  • Cooking/managing meals and light house work;
  • Management of medication;
  • Night calls, within Health & Safety parameters.

For more "invasive" support such as washing and dressing, and clients with health conditions such as dementia or disabilities, we recommend the "Personal Care" offering.

Personal Care

Qualitas Vitae Care, UK homecare, homecare services, care agency

Personal Care consists of the full range of Companionship services, as well as more "personal"  support, such as help with personal hygiene, dressing and using the toilet.

It is also the service level at which conditions such as early-stage dementia and mild disabilities are catered for.

Personal Care PLUS

Qualitas Vitae Care, UK homecare, homecare services, care agency

Clients who require a little more support with their daily lives benefit from Personal Care PLUS, our most comprehensive support package.

It covers all the support of Personal Care, plus management of incontinence and support for more complex health conditions (e.g. more advanced dementia or Parkinson's and more severe disabilities).

What if your loved one requires care throughout the night?

Clients who regularly have night care needs will benefit from our 24x7 Day and Night Care. Two carers operate in tandem and ensure that no care need remains unmet, no matter the time of day or night.

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Do you have questions about how it all works, what to expect?

Full details about the whole process, from an initial assessment to care delivery, can be found here.

Take that first step...

Whether your care need is for an older person, or someone with disabilities, dementia, spinal injury, sensory loss or another condition that calls for live-in homecare, take the first step to ensuring their quality of life - get in touch with Qualitas Vitae Care  today.