Choosing a care agency can seem daunting. For many people, the need for homecare may arise quite suddenly. It may well be something that one hasn't thought about much before.

At Qualitas Vitae Care, we like to be 100% transparent and clear about what clients can expect:

The Qualitas Vitae Care Process

It all starts with a thorough care assessment, covering all the factors such as health conditions, preferences and family context.

This forms the basis of your bespoke care plan, describing in detail what care will be provided and how.

As part of your care, we include a regular six-monthly care review, to take account of changing circumstances.

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The Care Assessment  is the starting point of our comprehensive service process, aimed at maximising quality of life. At this assessment, we look at all the factors that will determine the appropriate type and level of care.

One of our directors or senior managers will visit you in the care household, and conduct a thorough assessment of the care needs, covering:

  • Health/medical and mobility conditions.
  • Dietary/nutrition factors.
  • Personal/social habits.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Wider family context.
  • Identification of specific care requirements.
  • Readiness of the household to provide a safe and supportive care environment.
DIAGRAM - pieces of assessment

The outcome of this initial assessment is captured in the Care Plan, which describes in detail what care will be delivered, and how. You will know precisely what to expect, enabling you to move forward with confidence.

Live-in carers are then assigned on a rotation basis, typically for two to four weeks at a time.

A unique part of the Qualitas Vitae  service is our regular Care Review, which is carried out six-monthly (or more frequently if circumstances indicate it). These reviews ensure that the care plan remains relevant and focused on quality of life.

Take that first step...

Whether your care need is for an older person, or someone with disabilities, dementia, spinal injury, sensory loss or another condition that calls for live-in homecare, take the first step to ensuring their quality of life - get in touch with Qualitas Vitae Care  today.