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Our Approach

Qualitas Vitae Care is based on more than a decade of homecare, by some of the most experienced carers in the UK.

At Qualitas Vitae Care, our purpose is simple and compelling: to enable and support the highest possible quality of life for everyone relying on others for care.

Our Story

This focus on quality of life is central to everything that we do. Indeed, it is precisely what you should expect from caregivers.

Qualitas Vitae Care's homecare clients include

  • older people who benefit from our Companionship service, or our Personal Service for more bespoke support (see the Services page for details),
  • people with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, or requiring rehabilitation services,
  • people with dementia or sensory loss,
  • clients affected by strokes or spinal injuries,
  • or any other conditions that call for live-in homecare.
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Our Carers

All our carers are thoroughly professional, with years of experience behind them. In fact, they don't get to work with us otherwise.

In addition, they are continually updating their knowledge through both formal and informal training.

If you are an experienced live-in carer looking for a new challenge, do please get in touch here.

UK Homecare with a global conscience

As many a sage has said, our main purpose in life is to help each other. At Qualitas Vitae Care, we apply this principle not only in our daily work with our clients, but also in a more global context. In particular, we actively support the development of care services in societies less fortunate than ours.

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Take that first step...

Whether your care need is for an older person, or someone with disabilities, dementia, spinal injury, sensory loss or another condition that calls for live-in homecare, take the first step to ensuring their quality of life - get in touch with Qualitas Vitae Care  today.